1337 Ship Deathmatch
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AIM: Point the 'left joystick' the direction you want to aim. Your ship will turn to face the direction you aim.

THRUST: Press 'right trigger' to thrust forward in the direction you are aiming. Use 'left trigger' for reverse thrust.

SHOOT: Press 'A' to shoot. Shooting uses your ship's energy.

SHIELD: Hold 'X' or 'left shoulder' to use your shield. Your shield absorbs damage to protect your ship. Your shield slowly drains energy from your ship. When your shield absorbs damage it uses more energy.

WARP: Your ship will reappear in a random location. The warp drive is located at the centery of the ship. After use it darkens until it is fully recharged.

DYNAMIC WARP: Press 'B' or 'right shoulder'. A dynamic warp maintains your ship's velocity.

STATIC WARP: Press 'Y' to static warp. A static warp eliminates your ship's velocity.

ENERGY: Your ship holds a limited amount of energy. Energy is used when shooting and using the shield. The more energy your ship has the faster it recharges. The energy box is located in the center of the ship. The more energy contained in the box the brighter the box.

HEALTH: Your ship gets darker as it takes damage. It takes 3 hits to destroy a ship.

1337 ship deathmatch controls